Jennifer A. Leisner, Esq. received her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University in 1985 and her Juris Doctor from Loyola University of Chicago Law School in 1988.

She has practiced in the field of education and disability law for over 15 years. Jennifer is a past Member of the Board of Director and Professional Advisory Committee for the Autism Society of America, and is the parent of a young adult with autism. She has extensive experience in educational planning for students with disabilities; and, for representation of families of general education students facing school discipline. She is has experience litigating disability based employment cases with both the Illinois Department of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She can also partner with other appropriate professions to assist parents of children with disabilities in making appropriate educational, therapeutic and financial plans for the family’s future.

Jennifer is also experienced in elder care issues; specifically, contract review for assisted living arrangements, as well as financial and health-care powers of attorney. In addition to direct representation, Jennifer can partner with appropriate local medical and financial partners to problem-solve and plan for the care of a family elder; including, helping a family mediate any areas where consensus on care for an older family member is in dispute.

A trained divorce mediator (and former mediator for the Illinois State Board of Education in special education matters) , Jennifer will take divorce mediations on both a private basis as well as on court assignment. Her lifetime of experience in disability-related fields makes her especially knowledgeable in divorces where either the parties, or their children have disabilities. If retained to represent a single party in a divorce, Jennifer will not only handle all court-related matters, but she can partner with appropriate financial and therapeutic professionals to allow the client to make informed decisions regarding issues of child custody, child support, property distribution and spousal support.